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Small Groups
                Have You Considered Small Group Bible Study As a Ministry Tool?

  Church growth experts are telling us that the future of the church is small groups meeting for Bible study and
fellowship. More and more people who are hungry for spiritual growth are discovering that 12 or fewer people coming
together for prayer, Bible discussion and fellowship promotes spiritual growth and opens the door for the Holy Spirit to
affect their lives.

                                                       Small Groups and the Daily God Walk

  Most of us realize the benefit of meeting in small groups to discuss the scripture and our journey of faith, but many of
us do not feel confident to conduct a Bible study on our own. A benefit of the Daily God Walk is that we offer a study
guide that gives 4-5 lesson plans each month based on the content of the Daily God Walk devotional.

  When you subscribe to receive the Daily God Walk printed edition you also receive the printed Study Guide for the
month and access to a PDF file that you can download and reprint, with permission, as many times as you want.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We are now offering a special edition of the Daily God Walk which includes a study and reflection
page for each daily devotion. Click here to get a copy of a recent month

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