Hope For Haiti Now
Bringing Reconciliation, Renewal and Restoration to a People and a Land

   In December of 2002 Paul and Jane made their first mission trip to Haiti. The poverty there was overwhelming. In many areas children
   literally eat the bark of trees or clumps of dirt to take away the hunger pain in their stomachs.

   From that first visit Paul and Jane took action. They personally committed $500 dollars a month to feeding the children. When more
children                            showed up to eat, than funds would support, they reached out to friends. We were then able to send $1200 a month to
feed the children.

   The need has increased but support has waned due to economic conditions here. The recent earthquake disaster has left Haiti more needy
   and more helpless than ever.  Every cent of every contribution we receive for Haiti goes directly to the mission.  

   We have also been able to dig two wells; one for drinking and household water and one to irrigate a field that grows vegetables.

   This page is about the Hope For Haiti Now mission.

   We would like to ask you to seriously consider helping to support this worthy project. Could you pray, asking God for direction concerning
what                 he would you to do? You Can make a one time gift, but even better, a regular monthly gift will help us plan and expand to feed
more children.

   We can feed a child for $10 a month. Some families are contributing as much as $25 a month to help out. Churches will usually give $25 or
$50 a                      month. Pray, asking God what he would have you do.
If you wish to mail your donation personally the address is:                            Or use Paypal by clicking here
Hope For Haiti Now
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