God Walk - A
Journey of Faith
Are you looking for something that will give you hope
for the future? Has your life, or the life of someone you
love been affected by undesirable behavior?

Then the God-Walk A Journey of Faith materials may be
what you are looking for.

Paul and Jane teach seminars on overcoming behaviors that
are a hindrance to the believers journey of faith.

The cornerstone of their teaching is a book written by Paul
God Walk - A Journey of Faith. This book guides the
believer through the process of being restored to the person
God has ordained them to be.

Our Goal in Restoration Ministries is to first bring healing and
restoration to individuals then to train leaders in the process.
God Walk -
A Journey of Faith

Many have started a walk of faith but stumbled along the way. In
stumbling they became confused, their infant faith was frustrated
and in a state of being overwhelmed by their circumstances they
gave up. Their meager hope turned to despair.

This has been the story of many people we have worked with and
this story has become the basis for the
God Walk - A Journey of
materials. Those who have taken this journey of faith have
discovered many answers to the frustrations they experienced in
their earlier attempts at living a restored life.

God Walk - A Journey of Faith material will take you step by
step into the journey that we call the "lifetime commitment to the
process of reconciliation, renewal and restoration."

There are two objectives to this material. The first objective is to
provide a format for those looking for a more consistent faith-life
and an opportunity to overcome behaviors that have affected their
spiritual growth. The second objective is to provide material for
facilitators of support groups to help guide people into a life of
Paul and Jane Smith
Special Opportunity to be introduced
to the God Walk Materials
Three Easy steps to begin the God Walk Journey of

1. Register for the FREE mini course that explains the
principles taught and helps you get started on your
journey of faith.

2. You will receive the God Walk Newsletter
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gives testimonies of people who are on their journey
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3. Receive the first God walk lesson, text and
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alcohol, or any other
addictions - you won't want
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A pastor told me, "Your book
deeply affected my life."

A young addict said, "I was in
relapse when I picked up your
book. It was like you were
reading my mail. Thank you,
my life is changed.

A person addicted to
pornography testifies,
principles you teach in the
God Walk have given me
freedom from pornography."

Don't hesitate - get started
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Journey of Faith TODAY.


Is the concept of the God Walk - A
Journey of Faith attractive to you?
Can you see the benefit to yourself, a
family member or a friend? We have
formatted the book and workbook
together in an easy to read and study
package that you will find very helpful.

I want to encourage you to check out
a sample lesson. We have made a
printable PDF file available that
contains the first chapter of this
newly formatted version of the God
Walk - A Journey of Faith text and

To get this FREE lesson that has
absolutely no obligation attached to it
New Hope Ministry Resources
New Hope Ministry Resources

Resotration Ministries
the person God intends us to be is the focus of this section on
this site. It is written out of personal experience and tells the
story of what God wants to do in every life.

From the very first sin man has been by nature a slave to his
basic desires. At this site we have included many Bible
studies which deal with recovery from undesirable behaviors
and sins which separate us from the blessing God has
intended for us.

CLICK HERE to get 12 Step information

These studies and devotions are designed to help in the
restoration process we all must participate in if we are going
to enjoy the abundant life Christ promises.

There are also lessons on how to keep from going back into
undesirable behaviors once you have gained freedom. We
call that process relapse prevention.