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God Walk - A Journey of Faith
I was testing John to see if he was ready for the God Walk. I asked him, "Why did you come here today John?" He was
asking to be admitted to the New Hope Community project. John's answer was simple and direct: "I woke up in the gutter
about a week ago and realized that if kept doing what I was doing I would soon be dead. I have come to change."

It was the many stories similar to John's which became the motivation for the book, "God Walk - A Journey of Faith." This
book, and all the materials we offer, is about being reconciled to God, renewed by his Spirit and restored to the person He
intended us to be.

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This Manual for Relationship Evangelism - The Farming Method is the basis for a
seminar on community evangelism written by Paul Smith.

Ministries across America have found this book and seminar valuable in establishing their
evangelism programs. This very effective evangelism process is based on a technique
Paul calls farming.

The process involves picking out an area and visiting that area on a regular basis to build
relationships with the residents. Churches that have implemented this plan have seen
consistent growth.

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Daily God Walk is a daily devotional that has inspired many in their journey of faith.

Published monthly since 2008 this devotional has challenged readers to deepen their relationship with God and to daily take steps of
faith on their journey.

What others have said about the Daily God Walk:
"I get to work early every morning so I can sit in my car and read the devotion for the day" - Larry, Springfield, MO

"You've done it again. The Daily God Walk has brought tears to my eyes as I read it." - Don, Vincennes, IN

"We home school our grandchildren and they look forward to the Daily God Walk every day." - Marvin, Lucerne, CA

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