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Liberia West Africa
Bringing Reconciliation, Renewal and Restoration to a People and a Land
Liberia is on the West Coast of Africa. The country was founded by freed slaves
from the United States in the 19th century.

Liberia is a country rich in resources but because of internal strife and a civil war
spanning many years it has been economically destroyed.

In the middle of this God called Bishop James Cuffee to build His church.

After 20 plus years Bishop Cuffee oversees over 80 churches and several

Bishop Cuffee lives by faith and teaches his people that God will supply all their
needs according to his riches in glory.
A recent email from Bishop Cuffee:

Dear Brother Paul,

Glad to hear from you.  Thank God that you are doing fine. Since you left, we
have been praying for you and Jane. My wife is doing fine. God's willing, she
will soon give  brith any tmie this month-May.

The Crusade/Revival meetings was sucessful. more then thousands
people were in attendances.  people  got saved and many were healing
during the altar called. We are now in the raining season therefore, all
crusades  are suspended until the dry season which starts in January to
May 2008.

The church extend greetings to you.

May God richly bless you.

yours in Christ,

May 2008 Report
In the picture on the left we are looking
at well that is being dug by hand. They
have reached water but need to dig
another 10 feet to get enough water to
take care of the village
On the right are some of
the orphans that this
village church is caring
for now. With fresh water,
nutritional food and a
roof over their head
these children will grow to
someday be leaders in
the kingdom of God in

Paul Smith and Bishop
James Cuffee on the
porch of the Bishop's
Sowing into this fertile ministry will produce a continued harvest of souls. In over 20 years of ministry Bishop
Cuffee has established the mother church which is just outside of Monrovia and he has extended his influence
to villages and cities throughout the country as he has established over 80 churches. His goal is to evangelize
the entire country and bring water, nutrition and salvation to every village.

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The picture on the right
shows some of the ladies
Preparing dinner for
those who attended the