Relationship Evangelism - The Farming Method
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Relationship Evangelism - The Farming Method

    When spiritual leaders begin to call people into the service of
    evangelism many in the congregation start trying to make themselves
    very small so no one will notice them. Just the thought of having to
    memorize all of those scriptures and then remember the proper order
    of presentation scares most of us to death.
    Many of us have come to the conclusion that we hire pastors and
    associates to do that kind of work. Have you ever felt that way?
    One of the reasons so many of us have such a fear of evangelism is
    that we do not understand what evangelism is all about. The first
    section of these lessons answers the question, “What is evangelism?”

    These paragraphs were taken from the introduction to the book,
    "Relationship Evangelism - The Farming Method" Written by evangelist
    Paul Smith. This book is the basis for a course that Paul teaches on

    When Paul and Jane go to a church to teach evangelism they don't just teach
    in the classroom. They take the learning evangelists to the street and go
    door to door getting acquainted with people in the neighborhood.

    Paul and Jane teach a method of relationship evangelism that they call
    farming. They will teach a team of evangelists to go into a defined area that
    becomes their "farm."

    The Relationship Evangelism course teaches how to develop relationships in
    a neighborhood by consistently working an area week after week. This
    method has proven successful in every church that it has been presented.

    We have discovered that people need friends and we are offering friendship
    along with the love of God.

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    The Farming Method, or how you can have Paul and Jane come to your
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Reconciled - Renewed - Restored
Jane felt God leading her to have coffee
and refreshments in Alpine Park, a local
park on the shores of Clearlake in
Lucerne, Ca where we live and minister.

It began as just that - coffee, refreshments
and fellowship.By Easter it had grown so
we decided to have our Easter morning
service in the park. What a blessed day
that was
We now have 2 churches on Sunday Morning. The
first is Church in the Park and the second is Church
in the Building. Both of these ministries have grown
out of developing relationships with people in our

Relationship Evangelism works... you just have to
work it.