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Porto Velho, Brazil SO America
Bringing Reconciliation, Renewal and Restoration to a People and a Land
The city of Porto Velho in Brazil is at the end of a road on a tributary of the Amazon
River. John and Eulalia Mantonya have been ministering there for many years. The
focus of their ministry is three-fold. First, they are establishing churches in villages
up and down the river. They call that their River Boat Ministry. The second
emphasis they have is the Inner City Ghetto Ministry. They have established a
church in the heart of the ghetto area of Porto Velho. The third area of emphasis is
raising up leaders to continue the work, expand their influence and extend the effect
of the Kingdom of God in their region.

This is a current update of what is happening with them in that ministry.
May 2007 Report
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Psalm 116:1- I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy..   

There is none like thee oh God – there is none like YOU….
What a breath of fresh air – every Sunday Morning is the highlight of our week. In the
midst of uncertainty there is one surety that the devil can never waver – and that is
the truth of God’s Word and His love toward us.

It is something that you have to personally experience – when we arrive early on
Sunday Morning at the church in the Inner City Ghetto in Socialista – the kids of the
church seem to have radars – as soon as we unload the car with all our
paraphernalia they come running – and they come running with their arms open
wide, screaming “I love you uncle, I love you auntie”. Among the god’s of this world
and of the underworld and of the principalities of the air – there is none like THE

These kids are whom God loves and we are in the middle of God’s love when we are
with them, teaching them about the Love of God and showing them His love through
our acts and through His Word. WHAT A BLESSING INDEED!

This Sunday the 20th as we were singing and loudly declaring in repetition Psalm
116 verse 1 – a police car with three policemen pulled up beside the church and
encircled a teenage boy holding their guns at his head – evidently he was armed and
most likely on his way into the church to use the kids and us as human shields or
even as hostages for drug money. This took place in the front of the wooden gate of
the church. We continued sing glories and praises to His name – for He is worthy of
all praise and of all glory.

Again let me say –
I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy..
There is none like thee oh God – there is none like YOU….
P.S. Our family personally thank you for your prayers – it is through your prayers that
have definantly kept us stable and firm as a rock – even through all the tribulations
and hardships. God has given us a last name – a heavenly last name – slighlty
simbolized by the earthly one – Mantonya – Mountain – firm foundation….
John has arrived at a
river village to minister
A river village Church
Where John and Eulalia
were ministering on this
river trip.
Some of the Ghetto
Children that John and
Eulalia minister to
Eulalia is teaching the
children about Jesus
John Leading  the
Children in worship
John and Eulalia are struggling financially. They recently lost their home and they
need additional funding to even rent a house suitable to live in.

The Montanya's have a budget for their mission of $3200 a month. With that amount
they can make regulart trips up and down the river and its many tributaries to
minister to the villages there, they can also support the work with the forgotten
ghetto children.

To date they only have a commitment of $750 a month. You can see the strain on
them that this produces. Would you ask God what he would have you do for this vital
ministry in the heart of Brazil?

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