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Our mission is to inspire and encourage
leaders at home and abroad in the work
of the kingdom of God through offering
materials, seminars and crusades

Equipping Ministries

Equipping People

Equipping Missions

Paul Smith is licensed and ordained with
the international Ministerial Association.
He is author of the book, God Walk: A
Journey of Faith and the Daily God Walk

“Pastor Paul” is an evangelist on the
home and foreign mission field;
specializing in evangelism and outreach.
Paul served as a Community Chaplain in
Sacramento, CA and founded the New
Hope Community project, a transitional
homeless project for dysfunctional and
drug addicted families.

Paul brings his speaking and writing skills
to the ministry of equipping ministries to
professionally and effectively convey their
outreach message, to become soul
winners and ministers of reconciliation.
“Miss Jane” is an
evangelist on the home
mission field, as well as
foreign fields, specializing
in cultural diversity and
personal ministry.

She is trained in small
group and church
consulting and holds a
degree in Communication
Sciences from Evangel
Jane Smith
New Hope Ministry Resources
New Hope Ministry Resources
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Our mission is to help you reach your community for Christ by
providing effective ministry resources New Hope Ministry Resources

*      Resources to help you reach your community and understand the
culture of the community you live in.

*      Resources to help you minister to people who need restoration
from the bondage of addictive behaviors.

*      Resources for developing strategies for communicating your
message effectively.

After travelling across America and ministering in various
congregations we discovered a common thread among the believers
we met.

*      First, there is a strong desire among churches and leaders to
reach their communities.

*      Second, many ministries feel inadequate to accomplish the task
because of a lack of effective training  resources and materials.

Our prayer is that as you explore the pages of this site you will find
resources for effective ministry.